Private Parties

A recent letter:
The music IS the party... and Risky Business made our surprise birthday party for Sandy a real event. Everyone has been calling me, asking about "the band". You are so talented and wonderfully interactive with the party, I just had to write a glowing testimonial in your guestbook. Anyone wanting their occasion to be very special will accomplish that goal if Risky Business is the entertainment.
Thanks so much
Big hugs to you all

More Testimonials

Some of you who have seen the band perform in a club may wonder if we would be appropriate for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, retirement party, dinner dance or other private function. These events require a different approach from what would be appropriate in a nightclub, and experience with catered affairs is indispensable. The members of Risky Business have a great deal of this experience, both individually and as a group. Prior to joining the band, three of our musicians were the rhythm section of a wedding band working in practically every hall on Long Island for many years.

Party Management

The bandleader at a catered affair also serves as the Master of Ceremonies for the party. He and the band must work with the Maitre d' and the hall staff to keep the party running smoothly, especially while the various dinner courses are being served. In this area nothing can substitute for experience and we have a lot of it.


The core of our repertoire is of course '50s and '60 Rock & Roll and R & B. But a catered affair requires a broader range of material and we have no trouble accommodating. We have a selection of Standards, Bossa Novas, Cha Chas, and Rhumbas to please the older members of our audience. These are also useful for the beginning of an affair, which usually needs a lighter touch while dinner is in progress and guests are catching up with friends and family. We have a lengthy song list on our web site, which is quite certainly incomplete. Even we don't remember all the songs we know, so don't hesitate to ask for a song that's not listed. Almost anything is possible with a little notice and we can usually play at least eight bars of anything right on the spot!

One more thing. We'd like you to remember that the party is for you and your guests, so you shouldn't be shy about asking for what you want. We are happy to slant our repertoire in whichever way you might like.

Recorded Music

There are of course some songs we just aren't going to know, or that can't easily be performed by a band, or that Tommy would rather stick bamboo shoots under his fingernails than play. The Macarena is a good example of all three. Ralph has an extensive collection of popular party music on CD and can play it during the band's breaks at your request. We would also be happy to play your choice of background music.

Cocktail Hour

Greg, our keyboard player, has a great deal of experience providing light entertainment for the cocktail hour. He has preprogrammed custom musical arrangements to accompany his piano playing so it sounds like a small instrumental group instead of one musician.


Here's a list of some of the private parties we played at last year:
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