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As you might expect, Risky Business is on hiatus. We will be back when circumstances permit, with a little extra energy and verve to make up for lost time.

To all of the old friends who have supported us over the years, and all of the new friends that we have made in the last few months, we extend our best wishes. This too shall pass.

In the meantime, stay safe, but stay busy if you can. Rearrange that closet. Refinish that end table, and while you're at it, read the stack of books that have been piling up on top of it. We're all eating at home, so try out a new recipe. Turn on the news sparingly. And above all, check in on your friends. We have a wealth of technology to allow us to do that safely, starting with the telephone.

See you soon!

Risky Business
Ed, Sal, Andrew, Camille, Tommy, Richie, Willie, Marty and Greg

Risky Business Perpetual Calendar

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